People, listen up and listen good. “Meta” is not an adjective. It

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is a prefix which can take one of two meanings:

  • connected with a change of position or state
    • metamorphosis
    • metabolism
  • higher; beyond
    • metaphysics
    • metalanguage

But now some people have decided it would be a good idea to take this PREFIX and turn it into its own WORD, because apparently “arcane” and “esoteric” and “abstruse” aren’t enough for them. “Meta” is supposedly used when you’re talking about talking, or thinking about thinking, or masturbating to pictures of people masturbating, or strangling your father. It is supposed to refer to some secord-order processing, but really it just sounds fucking shitty. It is pop lexicon.

The next person who says “That’s so meta” is getting an ice pick up the urethra. If said person is male-bodied and has a boner, then down the urethra.

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  • None of the three words you offer mean anything close to what people use ‘meta’ for. Unless you have an accurate synonym, you should probably just accept that language is organic and dictionaries attempt to capture it, not assign it.

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