I think it is wonderful that adults like to play dress-up, be it for sexual purposes or just for fun. In fact, I even think it’s fair that we have a word specifically to describe the practice.

But the word “cosplay” was thought up by a monkey. A STUPID monkey. One with a brain injury and an incurable lisp. Also, the monkey is tied to the back of a door and people are throwing lawn darts at it. POISON TIP lawn darts.

Seriously, though. Just call it dress-up, okay?  I know you think “dress-up” only applies to children dressing up as mommy and daddy, or as doctor and mommy, or as daddy and daddy (if they live in Massachusetts), but really is it any different when an adult does it? You’re still wearing an outfit so you may pretend to be someone or something else. Just because you may sometimes do this so that someone can pretend they’re also having sex with that frog, or that character from Final Fantasy, doesn’t change the basic premise.

It’s dress-up. You’re dressing up. But that’s okay. Nobody thinks you’re a loser any more than we already did. It’s just that now, we know why we have to keep beating you up.

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  • The word “cosplay” wasn’t thought up by a monkey, it was thought up by a Japanese person. It’s a product of the same sort of peculiarly Japanese word formation by snipping syllables off the end of foreign loan words as seen in the words “anime” and “pokemon”.

    This should not be taken as a defense of English-speakers who use the word. I just thought you might like to know that you were calling the Japanese monkeys.

  • Baf, you’re an idiot. Neither “cos” nor “play” are Japanese words. “Cos” is short for “costume,” and “play” is short for “pretending to be a skinny, big-eyed asian ninja/daemon/supergirl although I am a 45-year-old fat man.” You are stupid, and should be ashamed of yourself.

  • @Matt – you dipshit, Baf never said they were Japanese words. They said they were “foreign loan words,” as in words entering the lexicon from foreign languages. They were referring to cosplay being a portmanteau of costume and play, like pokemon is a portmanteau of pocket and monster. Just as anime is short for animation and Matt is short for shit-for-brains. In English we have (MOSTLY) pretentious loan words like ménage à trois, maître d’, aficionado, fiancé/e, faux, matinée, incommunicado, tycoon, schmooze, schmuck, macho, kowtow, gesundheit, gung ho, cafeteria, blond/e, powwow… and portmanteau.

  • I think I have never facepalmed so fucking hard when I read this “summary” you have managed to discover.

    Thanks for making yourself look like a fucking lousy douchebag 😀

  • You have no idea how much I facepalmed to your whole existence. Cosplay is much more than just dressing up, you can’t possibly understand it if you have never constructed a real costume from a scratch yourself, spent hours doing the make up in the morning nor enjoyed a day in a con with incredible, hard-working people and your friends. And I’m not asking you to. No one is interested.

  • @random monkey do you call a blow job dickplay? Or eating soup soupeat? That’s why it’s stupid. Also Pokemon is called pocket monsters in Japan which means Pokemon and shortened crammed together words like that we’re created by japenese people to make us look retarded. I bet they call dress up costume awesome or something their

  • Cosplay is simply just a term meant for a specific type of costume subcategory the original argument where you should call it dress up is valid because dress up technically describes costumes or costuming if you will and from their you go to cosplay each means a slightly more defined meaning of what exactly people are “dressing up” as. So everyone can go get their panties untwisted now.

  • I agree 100% that the term cosplay sounds unbelievably stupid and is flat out annoying. The conduct itself is fine and entertaining. It’s great to see people out there, dressing up like its Halloween already and having a good time. But for heaven’s sake, just find another term for it, PLEASE! It’s like nails on a chalkboard every time I see it and I honestly believe it turns people, that would otherwise be interested in it, off to it.

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